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Léa, can you describe your activity?
“Mumentz” aims to offer parents to record and easily keep anecdotes of their children in order to make a nice notebook to keep and enjoy reading again to remember those moments we all wish do not forget !

Apart from the famous birth book, I found that there was no real support for keeping the memories of our older children; especially at the age of their first words and their often amusing reflections. We have the opportunity to review the photos of our children through many offers on the market; but there was nothing for the memories I wanted to keep as anecdotes.

Mumentz is born from this observation.

How did you develop it? 
I first built my community through my Facebook group to make sure there was interest. It is notably by taking part in a small contest of notoriety that I could attract my first members. I’m also starting to communicate on Instagram to reach a wider audience and to highlight the visuals.
Indeed, the idea of ​​Mumentz is to note and preserve our memories but also to highlight them through the illustration. The members of my Facebook group Mumentz post their anecdotes; I will then save them in my database. Each anecdote is associated with a small illustration. Then as soon as the sufficient number of anecdotes is reached, they can order their fully personalized book.
The next step of Mumentz is to develop a mobile application, easy and fun but above all more confidential than what I can offer via Facebook.

This is an important step for the project. I hope to achieve it as soon as possible. The road is still long but so rewarding!

What do you remove from your experience at the professional level?

Thanks to entrepreneurship, I met a lot of women entrepreneurs, some of whom became friends: Marie-Caroline (Mi Casa and Tu Casa) and Agathe (Alice in Paris). We exchange a lot with each other. I also met the path of Béatrice who created her company 10 years ago with “Merci Maman”. I hope to meet the same success one day.

In a few words, your career path.
I have a fairly classic course and not original at all. I went to a business school and I went to an investment bank where I climbed the ladder to a commercial position.