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Mi Casa es tu casa

Mi Casa es tu casa

Marie-Caroline, can you describe your company?

"Mi Casa Es Tu Casa" is a trusted network for the rental and exchange of real estate. I connect the owners and the tenants (mostly for the holiday rentals). We have a Facebook group that works by co-opting and has 23 000 members to date, as well as a more traditional website. We do not take any commission and rely on trust.

Here are examples of houses that you can rent….

How did you develop it?

First by creating two years ago, a closed Facebook group, in which only the sponsored members are accepted. I have managed this group full time for 2 years, validating myself all the announcements and all the new members, by moderating, by connecting the people. Two years and 20 000 members later, I created the website www. Micasaestucasasite that comes complete the group and that is in close link with Facebook. This site has been a real financial investment but allows me to offer a unique offer on the market!

The company "Mi Casa Es Tu Casa Ltd" was created in September 2017 in London.

What do you get out of your experience at the Professional level?

Our installation in London was the opportunity to develop the group "Mi Casa Es Tu casa" on Facebook, in a real professional project. In London, we meet a lot of French entrepreneurs… And very quickly I worked with a French agency installed in London for the design of the website for customers mainly French. 

In a nutshell your professional career…

I graduated from the International Institute of Communication in Paris, and I integrated Publicis as an HR press Relations consultant. I stayed there for 4 years and then I created my own HR Press relations Agency (Neodialogue-subsidiary of TMPWorldWide) that I sold 4 years later to follow my husband transferred to Angola! In 2013 when I arrived in Colombia I created a brand of children's clothing (manufactured and sold on-site-MariNoceros), it worked pretty well and I liked it very much, but it was not really compatible with our life as expatriates (who also Pleases a lot).